Janey Jones / clips4sale.com - Janey Jones - Breastfeeding Ass Worship (FullHD 1080p)

Janey Jones / clips4sale.com - Janey Jones - Breastfeeding Ass Worship (FullHD 1080p)

Mother breastfeeds son and then makes him lick her butt (and please flaunt those sexy furry armpits if you still have them). Mommy comes into her boys room wearing a tight shirt and dress and sits on his bed. "Sweetie, its time to eat. Now I dont want to hear any complaints. You have to eat if you want your dessert." Mommy takes a breast out of her shirt and reveals her gorgeous nipple. "Youre going to be a good boy and drink mommys milk. Come here sweetie. Come here and latch on to mommys breast. Thats it. Thats mommys good boy." Her boy gets close to mommy and, reluctantly, puts her nipple into his mouth. Mommy strokes her precious sons hair as he suckles her breast and whisperers, "such a good boy." "Mommy loves breastfeeding you." Its then that Mommy looks at her boys pants. "Oh, it looks like you enjoy it too. Why dont we take that cute little erection out." Her boy takes out his throbbing erection. "Such a silly boy, complaining about your dinner when you love it so much. Its okay for boys your age to drink their mommys milk. You can masturbate while drinking if you want. Or do you want mommy to do it?" Mommys boy nods while suckling his beautiful mommy. She puts her soft loving hand onto her boys erection. "Now, no cummies until you get your dessert, okay?" Mommys boy does his best not to ejaculate as she slowly strokes his boner. "Youre such a good boy sweetie. Would you like your dessert now?" Mommys boy nods enthusiastically and mommy stands up and turns around. "Its your favorite." Mommy lifts up her dress, revealing her beautiful ass. "Youve been such a good boy. Come here and eat your dessert. Come here and lick mommys tasty butthole." Mommys boy approaches her butt and mommy spreads her cheeks. Her boy greedily licks his gorgeous mommys tasty butthole as he begins masturbating. It doesnt take long for the taste and scent mommys delicious butt to make her boy cum. Mommy lowers her dress and turns back around. "Doesnt it feel good to get that naughty boy goo out and have mommys sweet milk in your tummy?"

Actris: Janey Jones
Porn video: Breastfeeding Ass Worship
Pay site: Janey Jones / clips4sale.com
Gengre Porn: Incest, Virtual Reality, Milf, Fetish, Ass Worship, POV, Cum on Face, Beautiful Girl

Time of Video: 00:12:08
Released year: 2018

Quality: FullHD
Format: mp4
Video: AVC, 1920x1080, (16:9), 25 Fps, 8522 Kbs
Audio: AAC LC, Stereo 2, 512000 Kbs
Size: 785.27 Mb

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