EvolvedFights.com - Helena Locke - : Helena Locke vs D Arclyte (SD 480p)

What can 135lb female Helena Locke possibly do to 205lb dude D Arclyte aka The Joker? Apparently, anything she wants. Helena Locke is a real life bounty hunter thats trained and certified in tracking down scum and cashing in on the bounty thats on their heads. This would explain why shes able to take down any guy who steps up to her on the mats. But lets be realistic: 205lbs vs 135lbs is a huge difference. D Arclyte is able to really take advantage of Helena Locke with his size, and if he cant beat her with his weight, hes willing to literally play "dirty" to get the win because he has a secret weapon: he fills his asshole up with air and blows it all over his pint-sized opponent Helena Locke. You cant make this shit up!! This is real authentic action that was not edited. We get questions all the time about whether or not wrestlers fart when they are being squeezed. The answer? "Sure As Shit They Do!". Unfortunately for The Joker, ass-blasting his opponent isnt enough and Helena Locke gets the win! Helena Locke throws D Arclyte to the ground, sits on his face and chokes him over and over. She makes him to give her a nice juicy creampie and then Helena Locke does...
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